Hi! :) I am José Sánchez

                def create_jose():
                    data = {
                        'name': 'Jose Angel Sanchez Castillejos',
                        'email': 'jsanchezcastillejos@gmail.com',
                        'location': (38.6270, 90.1994),
                        'current_job': 'Data Engineer @Pinterest'
                    return data
I do data
With Python
I try to write clean code, I love order and clarity
I also work with Docker
And usually in AWS, in ECS-ECR

Currently developing Software @Pinterest

  • Creating tools that allow stakeholders to easily access data

  • Migrating all our data into snowflake

  • Maintaining and updating chron jobs with airflow

  • Learning how to deal with people when creating projects from zero

Previously @Bayer

  • Building data pipelines

  • Consuming real time data with Kafka

  • Creating long term architecture in AWS

  • Moving old jobs to Airflow

  • Implementing CI/CD

  • And helping Data Scientist to achieve great things

Before I was a Data Engineer at Credijusto . . .

(Although I was originally a Data Scientist)
  • Creating data visualization tools to help the risk team

  • Using OpenCV to automate document analysis

  • Implementing Unittest to some code that was missing this

  • Using Jenkins as our CI/CD tool

And before, I was the Chief of development at Connus

  • Here, I recruited my engineering team

  • Deployed national security software across the Mexico-US Border

  • Retrained OPENAlpr to be extremely accurate to license plates in the border

  • I used the Coco dataset and the YOLO algorithm to map people in convenience stores

I am really good at Tetris

Get in touch, write me at jsanchezcastillejos(at)gmail(dot)com